Friends of St Mary’s College Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Second-Hand Uniform Shop is operated on a voluntary basis by members of the Friends of St Mary's College.

For Term 3, the Second Hand Uniform Shop will open on Monday 7 November 2022, between 1.30 - 2.30 pm.

To access the shop please go through the College reception towards the McAuley block, across the bridge, and the shop is located to your left. See you there. Note, please ensure you are wearing a face mask.

We provide good, clean second-hand college uniforms for sale.  Money raised through the sale of second-hand uniforms is donated back to St Mary’s College by the Friends of St Mary’s College, which provides:

  • several annual student scholarships,
  • an annual monetary gift to the college to purchase items to benefit the college students,
  • support and hospitality at college functions, and uniforms for families in need.


  • Open the first Monday of each month from 1.30 – 2.30 pm during the school term.
  • Open during school holidays, for dates refer to the Friends of St Mary’s (FOSM) webpage on the College website. Any other opening dates will appear in the Alumni monthly newsletter, Facebook/LinkedIn pages and STMW website.



2nd Hand Price

RRP (new) from NZ Uniforms


$125 - $175






$30 - 45


Vest-No Sleeves






Sports Hoody




$10 - 25



$15 - 30



$30 - $50


Tartan Skirt

$50 - 60


PE Shorts/Skirt

$15 - $20

$35 - $42

PE Top

$15 - $20







$18 - $22

Notes: Second-hand prices are only a guideline and may vary due to the item’s condition. We do not sell shoes, hair scrunchie or backpacks. 

New items are not available for sale at the second-hand uniform shop. To purchase new uniform items, refer to the NZ Uniforms St Mary’s College webpage.

Payment options: Payment can be made using the College their EFTPOS facility or via online banking. We are unable to take cash or process CREDIT CARDS. Payment is required upfront before the item can be taken away.


All good, clean, resalable items are always welcome!

There are two options for second-hand items:

Option 1:  Donate all items with all profits going to the Friends of St Mary’s College to offer services and scholarships to the college. 

Option 2:  Sell your BLAZERS and JACKETS to the Friends of St Mary’s College.

If going with option 2, you will need to complete a separate Second-Hand Uniform Purchase Agreement (see below) for each blazer/jacket being offered for purchase, please safety pin this form to your item. Or complete the form with the college receptionist.

Only blazers and jackets in very good condition will be considered for purchase. Blazers need to be dry-cleaned. 

If the Second-Hand Uniform Shop already has ample stock, we may decide not to purchase an item. The Friends of St Mary’s College will pay up to $100 for a blazer and pay up to $25 for a jacket that is purchased.  Payment is made at the end of the month for these items. Receipt and payment of the item will be notified by the Alumni office.

Payment will be made by direct credit to your nominated bank account. Items can be handed into the college office or directly to the Second-Hand Uniform Shop on one of the opening days.  If an item is not purchased by the Friends of St Mary’s College, you will be advised by email and the item will be returned to the School Office for collection.  Any item not collected within a month of email advice being provided may be discarded. We welcome the donation of all college items of clothing however we will only consider purchasing blazers or jackets, as we no longer are offering commission on other items.

On behalf of the Friends of St Mary’s College, THANK YOU for supporting our service and your college.


FOSM sits under the St Mary's College Alumni: Board of Proprietors entity.