While studying at St Mary’s College, International learners have two options for their accommodation

  • Homestay

  • Designated Caregiver

St Mary’s College does not offer hostel accommodation.

International learners must live in accommodation approved by the College.  Student’s safety and wellbeing is a priority to help support them as they settle into a new country and education system.


The homestay arrangement plays a critical role in making our International learners feel welcome.  Our homestay co-ordinator Philly Smyth looks after arranging this for our International learners and provides the link between our International learner and the Homestay family.  Student’s are provided with a full furnished room, a study desk, internet access, all meals, and laundry facilities.

Homestay agreement and application

The Homestay Agreement and Application is included as part of the enrolment application and contract organised through an education agent.   

Homestay fees

Homestay fees are currently $300 per week, along with a homestay support fee of $800 and an administration fee of $575.00. Further details can be found in our International Fees document.

How to apply for Homestay

Once we receive your enrolment application through an education agent  our homestay co-ordinator will be in touch with you to arrange your homestay.

If you have any questions at all about Homestay accommodation please contact Philly Smyth:  

Designated Caregiver

The second accommodation option is for the International learner to stay with a caregiver arranged by the student’s family.  

Designated caregivers are relatives or close family friends designated in writing by a parent or legal guardian of an international student under 18 years as the caregiver and accommodation provider for that student.

The Designated Caregiver Application is part of the enrolment application and contract that is organised through an education agent.