How to submit an enrolment application

Enrolment Applications for St Mary’s College are organised through an Education agent.  You can contact one of the education agents listed on ‘our education agents’ document or contact another agent that you would like to work with.  

International Student Enrolment process at St Mary’s College:

  • To start the enrolment process contact an education agent.  Your chosen education agent will make contact with St Mary’s College to obtain information required for enrolment.

  • Enrolment contract and application (including accommodation) are completed and insurance requirements organised with your chosen education agent. The education agent  will submit your application to the St Mary’s  International Dean for approval.

  • Once enrolment application is accepted, St Mary’s College sends an invoice for full cost and a conditional offer of place

  • Once payment received, this is receipted and the offer of place becomes unconditional.  You can then apply for your student visa.  

  • If accommodation selected is Homestay, these arrangements will be secured and confirmed. 

  • On arrival at St Mary’s international students participate in an orientation programme.

If you need any more information before applying , please contact our enrolment administrator Megan Chisholm at megan.chisholm@stmw.school.nz