The Home of the Learning Support Department at St Mary's College is in the Library.

At St Mary’s, all students with learning challenges are mainstreamed.

Assistance from the Learner Support Department may include:

  • Teacher Aide support either in class or outside of class
  • Liaising with Staff and providing information to help teachers support the learning needs of their students
  • Advocating for Students and raising awareness of Learning Differences
  • Providing Dyslexia Support
  • Supporting Learning Differences inside and outside the classroom.
  • Applying for NCEA Special Assessment Conditions (SAC)
  • Testing for learning strengths and weaknesses

If you would like more information please contact the Learner Support team at

To request a meeting with the Learner Support team use this form or email

Our Team

Megan Doile (HoLA Learner Support)

  • Specialises in ESOL, pastoral care, restorative practice, behavioural care.
  • Strengths in literacy support, pastoral support.
  • Responsible for managing the learner support department, liaising with outside agencies, member of the schools pastoral care team.

Erica Leahy (Teaching Assistant, SAC Coordinator)

  • Specialises in numeracy, science, technology.
  • Strengths in assistive technology, creative problem solving, data analysis.
  • Responsible for testing, SAC (Special Assessment Conditions), sharing information about learning needs of students with teachers, supporting the eDean, supporting learning inside and outside the classroom, adapting resources for specific learning needs.