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Resources to help you prepare to leave school and choose a University

What subject to study?

The No Major Drama website is a great way of students identifying majors available at the different universities that match their interests and strengths. This then gives them the ability to research these majors and find out what is involved in each programme and compare programmes between universities. 

No Major Drama website 


Checklists are a great way of helping students understand what is expected of them and the process for applications to universities and polytechnics. 

Year 13 Checklist for University  

The Money Hub website also has a useful school leavers’ checklist:Money Hub checklist

Useful dates for tertiary study applications

The following dates are a general indication only, you MUST check out specific deadline dates for yourself.

  • 1st August – 1st October – Halls of Residence applications.
  • August/September/October – Deadlines for special application requirements e.g. auditions, portfolios.
  • August/September/October – Many Scholarships have deadlines in these months.
  • In September Polytech applications usually open. Courses often fill up on a first come, first served basis. Most Polytechs do not post application deadline dates.
  • October to December – This is the time your university application should be made. Offers of a place are initially made conditional on you achieving the entry requirements.
  • Mid-December – StudyLink applications need to be in.

University Halls of Residence applications

Students need to understand the halls of residence application process

Each school needs to provide a confidential reference for a student application.  This is done through a common reference form.  All the details are in the links below.

Application due dates vary but it is advisable to apply early, and have the process complete by the beginning of September.  

Applications can be made after the 30th September, but you will not receive an offer of a place in the first round offers.


Information about scholarships can be found on our Scholarships page

GO TO to our scholarships page

Student Loans and Allowances

Where do you start?  At the StudyLink website:

You need to get your finances sorted early in order to prepare yourself for a successful start to your tertiary study. You can apply to StudyLink well ahead of time. Go to their link to find out more, or you can ring the StudyLink Hotline on 0800 88 99 00.

If you are a first time student look here to find out what information you need to gather before you even apply to StudyLink. You will also need to create a RealMe login (so you can prove who you are without paper). To find out more about what RealMe actually is, this link will help.

Once you have the documentation and your RealMe identity, you will be ready to login at StudyLink and go through the steps to apply for financial help.

A Student Allowance is a weekly payment to help with your living expenses while you study full-time. You don’t have to pay this back. The amount you receive is based on your combined parents’ income.

The Student Loan can help finance your study. It’s made up of three parts – course fees, course-related costs and living costs. You have to pay a Student Loan back.

Tertiary Providers in Wellington

Universities in Wellington 

Polytechnics in Wellington

Private Training Providers in Wellington

Tertiary providers beyond Wellington

New Zealand Universities

Most large centres have Polytechs/Institutes of Technology and a range of private providers. 

A selection of these are:

Studying Overseas

Northern Hemisphere

Northern hemisphere tertiary institutions start their academic year in September.

Australian Universities

In Australia New Zealanders pay ‘Commonwealth Supported Fees

Here are some links to some of the major universities in Sydney and Melbourne:

USA study

The Fulbright organisation provides information on USA study options and also arrangements for sitting the SAT

USA Sports scholarships

If you are an elite sportsperson, be on the lookout for scholarships to USA tertiary institutions. Information on these scholarships comes through your sports codes.