What is BYOD?

Bring your own device (BYOD) refers to students bringing a personal digital device to school for the purpose of learning. 2016 saw the implementation of BYOD at St Mary’s College. The success of this initiative is evident when you see how confident, curious and engaged students are in the classroom with their devices. In 2023 all students are required to bring their own device to school.

The following links provide information on BYOD at St Mary’s College:

Library Chromebooks:

The College Library has a small stock of Chromebooks for students who do not own a device. We ask whānau to let the Assistant Principal - Vanessa Gray know if a student does not have a device, and the reason for this. This information will be kept confidential. The Librarians have been advised that Chromebooks will be issued only to students who are in genuine need, and whom the Assistant Principal has received a notification from whānau. There are not enough Chromebooks in the Library to issue to students who have a personal digital device, but have not brought it to school.

There are many advantages for students bringing their own digital device to support their educational needs. Curriculum subjects are increasingly relying on a wide variety of online learning tools. We ask for whanau support in ensuring that your daughter brings her device to school each day.


  • Students must ensure they charge their device each night/morning so that it is fully charged for the day’s use at school.
  • Many devices look the same/similar so it is recommended to name or identify the device in some way. Please also keep a record of the serial number and make and model at home.
  • If a student’s device is defective, and the student wishes to use a Chromebook from the Library, then an email or letter from parents/caregivers to the Assistant Principal is required, explaining what the problem is and when the device is likely to be available again.