Kia orana, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Fakalofalahi atu, Taloha Ni, Nisa bula vinaka and warm Pacific greetings everyone.

St Mary’s Pasifika Parent Asosi is a group that aids the school, teachers and the parents to enable our young Pasifika woman to discover their true potential and embrace the opportunities for a successful future. 

The Asosi is made up of all the Pasifika Parents at the school and is run by a committee of parents who help support our Pasifika students by liaising between the parents, the school, and the Board of

Trustees. We promote the welfare of our girls and help cultivate a Pasifika identity at the school.  We do this by promoting understanding, strengthen and maintain identities, languages and cultures of the Pasifika girls and their families.   

The Parent Asosi believe that:

When teachers, parents and families are engaged in our children's learning journey, they are given the opportunity to succeed in school.

We are so excited to begin another year and hope you will join us in our efforts to promote Pasifika.

culture, engagement, and community building. If this is your first year at St Mary's College, the Asosi

Committee extends a very warm welcome to you and your family.

The Asosi has several on-going events in 2023.  We will require assistance from Parents (whatever capacity) to help with these events.  Your involvement will be fun, rewarding and fulfilling. If you think you can assist or want to help in some way, then contact us (details below)

If you are not able to join, that is ok!  We will provide updates of the activities and events in which you can support on the following platforms:

  • Pasifika Checkin Fono – Thursday March 30th details of the event TBC

  • St Mary’s Pasifika Parents Asosi – Facebook.  

If you haven’t joined, click on the link below and use the ‘Join Group’ button in the Asosi main menu to send a request. 

  • Pasifika Asosi page on the St Marys website go to 

  • Other school media platforms - School Newsletter, School Calendar (SMC website) and you’ll get text reminders. 

Upcoming Events in Term One

Pasifika Welcome Meet & Greet – Thursday 16th of February 5pm – 7pm at the school

This is an informal event where parents, students, teachers, and the Asosi Committee can get to mingle and connect over some food.

Pasifika Checkin Fono = Thursday 30th March venue & time to be confirmed

The Fono are designed for Pasifika parents to inform, raise issues, and discuss.  You get to hear from the school, the students and from the Pasifika committee.  Along with getting updates on future events/activities and where you can help and assist.

The Committee believe that, for our daughters to succeed we need to work together as a Pasifika community to help them grow.  The Committee are here to assist you in helping your daughter be successful at the school, if you encounter difficulties or struggle dealing with the school, we are here to help.  We are a group of Pasifika parents that wants the best, not only for our own daughter/s but for your daughter as well.  

We would love to see and hear from you and welcome you to be informed, connect, and get involved as and when you are able.

SMC Pasifika Parent committee

The SMC Pasifika Parent committee consists of the following people.

Peter Savali Chair/parent  021 711153

Sina Asi Committee member/parent  021 896692

Josie To’o  Committee member/parent  021 448871

Patricia Leota  Committee member/parent  021 975531

Phillip Onesemo​​​​​​​  Committee member/parent  021 711694

Epi Kaio  Committee member/parent 

Sarah Eyre  Committee member/parent

Sa’umani Taimalelagi  Teacher Representative  021 1792974

The committee is open to all our families if you wish to be involved you can touch base with Peter Savali

Contact Us

If you wish to contact us, you can contact any of the above committee members or you can contact us through the Asosi email address or our Asosi Facebook page.

Asosi Email address:

SMC Pasifika Parents Asosi – Facebook:

Note:  It is a private page so if you haven’t joined, click on the link below and use the ‘Join Group’ button in the Asosi main menu to send a request.