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Kia orana, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Fakalofalahi atu, Taloha Ni, Nisa bula vinaka and warm Pacific greetings everyone.

St Mary’s Pasifika Parent Asosi is a group that aids the school, teachers and the parents to enable our young Pasifika woman to discover their true potential and embrace the opportunities for a successful future. 

The Asosi is a group of Parents who want to provide additional support for our Pasifika Girls by liaising between the parents, the school, and the Board of Trustees.  We promote the welfare of our girls and help cultivate a Pasifika identity at the school.  We do this by promoting understanding, strengthen and maintain identities, languages and cultures of the Pasifika girls and their families.   

The Parent Asosi believe that: When teachers, parents and families are engaged in our children's learning journey, they are given the opportunity to succeed in school.

Due to Covid we have been limited as to what we can do to assist the PasiCrew (Pasifika Teachers) and school especially in Term 1.  However, moving to Orange in the traffic light settings, there are a few events and initiatives for 2022. We require assistance from Parents to perform and achieve our Goal.  Your involvement will be fun, rewarding and fulfilling.

If you think you can assist or want to help in some way, then contact us (details below) or join our St Mary’s Pasifika Parent Facebook Group, to keep up to date with the latest news, events, projects and initiatives that are there to assist you and your daughter.

We would love to see and hear from you and welcome you to be informed, connect, and get involved as and when you are able.

Upcoming Events

  • Island Time– Postponed, Date TBC. Venue: St Mary’s College SMC College Rutherford Hall, Thorndon, Wellington.

  • Fiafia Night – 1st July, venue to TBC 

Contact Us

Asosi Email address:

Phillip Onsemo (Chairperson & Parent): 

Sa’umani Taimalelagi (Pasifika Teacher)

St Mary’s Pasifika Parents Asosi Facebook Group Page: 

Contact Us

Asosi Email address:

Phillip Onsemo (Chairperson & Parent): 

Sa’umani Taimalelagi (Pasifika Teacher)

St Mary’s Pasifika Parents Asosi Facebook Group Page: