What is ‘Pathways’ as a subject?

Pathways is a subject at Year 12 and Year 13 levels.

Students choosing Pathways as a subject will have an individual programme of learning designed to meet their particular needs. Pathways give students access to a wide range of options.

Pathways is for students of every ability and any intended occupation. The programme is tailored to meet the individual needs of each student, and may include any of the following:

  • Work experience in hospitality, trades and a range of other sectors.

  • Knowledge and preparation for future employment or further training.

  • The opportunity to engage and learn in areas that are not taught through the regular school timetable, often taught through an enrolment with Te Kura.

  • Extension courses for gifted students, including accelerated learning and university extension papers.

  • Access to experiences and courses that will broaden students’ horizons about opportunities for their future careers.

  • Access to taster courses and other short courses delivered by outside agencies across a wide range of industries, many of which will support students’ capacity to move into those industries after schooling.

  • Skill development and personal growth through work experience, gateway courses, and online learning opportunities.

What might Pathways look like for an individual student?

The Pathways course is student centred and entirely negotiable.  Some of the possibilities include:

  • Te Kura courses in subjects not offered by our school

  • Work experience and/or mentoring

  • University courses

  • Whitireia/Weltec courses

  • Gateway programmes

  • Trades Academy courses

  • Hospitality training

  • Private training organisation courses

  • STAR courses


The Gateway programme is included in the Pathways subject area.  It provides structured workplace learning for senior students (including a work placement one day per week for up to 10 weeks) and is funded by the Tertiary Education Commission.  Gateway programmes include a learning programme of approximately 20 credits.

Want to find out more about Pathways?

If you want to find out more about Pathways, get in touch with Megan Meulenbroeks by email at or by dropping into the Careers Office to chat about the options.